Allied Fiber
Network Philosophy

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Network Maps

Allied Fiber is currently constructing the Jacksonville to Atlanta route. The detailed map illustrating this segment is below.

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Southeast Segment



Allied Fiber Northeast Segment





The northeast segment of Allied Fiber's network includes new routes covering New York, NY to Chicago, IL; New York, NY to Ashburn, VA; and Chicago, IL to Ashburn, VA.

The current segment of Allied Fiber's network build spans between Miami, FL, Jacksonville, FL and Atlanta, GA.

Allied Fiber will continue building a nationwide long-haul network capable of providing interconnectivity as far west as Seattle, as far south as Miami and as far north as Vancouver with numerous interconnections to multiple long-haul routes along the way.

Allied Fiber’s unique value proposition is in developing a network-neutral network with an abundant supply of state-of-the art dark fiber available for lease that provides substantial physical diversity from all existing dark and lit fiber networks.

In addition to the dark fiber, Allied Fiber is constructing and operating cabinet-ready colocation facilities along the routes specifically designed to support customer optoelectronics for regeneration and data traffic switching. By being a network-neutral provider, Allied Fiber enables its customers to manage their own latency requirements through the placement of their own electronics on the fiber. This design meets a growing demand by enterprises to take control of their network operations from a control, cost and time perspective.

Detailed Segment Maps:


Northeast (NYC-HAR-ASH)

Southeast (Miami to Jacksonville)

Southeast (Jacksonville to Atlanta)