Below is a link to an article from the online issue of the great AGL Magazine. It covers lightRadio, AlcatelLucent’s technology that is making waves with its form-factor design for the airwaves.

A section of the article…

“….lightRadio is somewhat of a DAS system implementation, seemingly protocol agnostic and connected by fiber back to the network smarts point.”

I like this point, “by fiber.” Reads like “buy fiber” to me, or “build fiber,” but for sure “access to fiber” is essential.

The point is that in order to get in to the fully meshed, fully redundant mobile cloud world there needs to be a very logical, systematic investment in real, physical infrastructure. These advances are a part of the natural evolutionary process that is always occurring.

The mention of fiber in a wireless context has been somewhat taboo – up until now. It seems as if the world is waking up to the reality that the two do and must co-exist in order for mobility to function properly end to end.

This is all good! Now let’s build something logical!

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